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Shipment happens after Trade. If there are only two players in the game, then Shipment happens after Production. Shipment is a skippable phase. Each player has the opportunity to make one shipment. There are four types of shipment possible. You can move your stockpile (), move a horse (), move a weapon (), or move a boat (). Weapons and boats are created in the next phase of the game, Development. You may make only one shipment per turn. If you choose not to make a Shipment (or if you have nothing to ship!), then click "End Shipment" to end your turn.

Move Stockpile ()

To move your stockpile, choose the "Move the Stockpile" option. Then click on the territory you wish to move your stockpile. Confirm your selection by clicking the territory again.

Ship a Horse ()

To ship a horse, choose the "Horse" option. Then click on the territory you wish to ship a horse from. Call it territory A. That territory must have a horse to ship. The horse will disappear. If there is a weapon on the same territory as the horse, you may choose to load the weapon onto the horse. You may click the "Weapon" check box or directly click on the weapon to load the weapon onto the horse.

Next, click on the destination territory. Call it territory B. Horses can only move two territories away, so the game will not allow you to move a horse to a territory three or more territories away, or to a territory that is separated by water.

If you choose to move a horse one territory away, you have some options in the middle of your shipment. You may choose to leave the horse there by clicking "Stop Here". If you haven't already loaded a weapon onto the horse (from territory A), and there is a weapon on territory B, you may choose to load the weapon from territory B at this time. If you already chose to load a weapon from territory A, and there is no weapon on territory B, you may choose to drop the weapon onto territory B. Then, you may click on the destination territory. Call it territory C. Remember that territory C must not be more than 2 territories away from territory A.

Ship a weapon ()

If you wish to ship only a weapon, choose the "Weapon" option. Click the territory you wish to ship a weapon from. The weapon will disappear. Click on the destination territory and the weapon will move there. Unlike horses, weapons can only move one territory by themselves. If you want to move a weapon farther than one territory away, ship a horse with a weapon loaded on it.

Ship a Boat ()

If you wish to ship a boat, choose the "Boat" option. There are two ways to identify which boat you want to ship. You can first click the territory at which the boat is docked, then click the boat, or you can click the boat directly. On a boat you can choose to load both a horse and a weapon. A boat can be shipped to any of your territories that is connected by water to the boat's original territory. This allows great mobility for boats, and any horse or weapon that is loaded onto it. To choose a destination for the boat, click on a territory that it will dock to. Unlike horses and weapons, there can be multiple boats on a territory. The number of boats per territory is limited only by coastline space.

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