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Lords of Conquest

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Production happens automatically each year. A year consists of the phases Production, Trade (3 or more players only), Shipment, Conquest, and Development. For each player, the player's territories will flash once per resource it yields. The horse resource (usually referred to as a stable or a herd) will place a horse on the same territory, or a nearby territory if there is already a horse there.

There is an important distinction between the herd and the horse. The herd () is a resource and cannot be moved. During production, it yields a horse (), that can be moved later on, and join battles.

Skippable Phases

Production is a Skippable Phase. At a probability of 1/4, the game will randomly "Skip" a skippable phase and list a "reason". The other skippable phases are Trade and Shipment. I am considering lowering the probability to 1/6 in version 2001.


This probability was lowered to 1/6 in version 2001.

Locate Stockpile

If production was not skipped, every player is asked to locate their stockpile (). Accumulated iron, coal, trees, and gold go into the stockpile. Horses are not considered part of the stockpile. Try to place your stockpile in a secure location. Other players may loot your stockpile if the territory containing your stockpile is conquered!

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