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Lords of Conquest

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During most of the game, the "Info" button in the bottom-left hand corner is enabled, underneath all the players' names. The "Info" button is not available for use only during computer players' turns, and in the middle of a shipment or battle. The Info section contains valuable information which may aid you in your decisions during the game. There are five options, including the main Info page: Force Count, Stockpiles, Save Map, Boat Info, and Exit.

Main Info Page

If you click the "Info" button, the main Info screen is shown. This page says how many cities are needed to win, what the element of chance is, and how many years long the game is.

Force Count

From the Main Info Page, if you click "Force Count", you will reach the Force Count page. Click on any territory to see its Force Count. Every player who has forces present at the territory will see a number in the appropriate colored box describing the Force Count. This is useful in planning battles and shipments, and deciding on what to develop.


From the Main Info Page, if you click "Stockpiles", you will reach the Stockpiles page. You may view what's in anybody's stockpile. Click the "<" and ">" buttons to cycle through all the players. You may also click anybody's name in the turn list in the bottom left-hand corner.

Save Map

From the Main Info Page, if you click "Save Map", you will reach the Save Map page. For more information on how to save a map, please visit the Load/Save Map Page.

Boat Info

From the Main Info Page, if you click "Boat Info", you will reach the Boat Info page. Sometimes two different territories share the same coastline sea square. If there is a boat at that square, one cannot tell which territory the boat is docked at. Click on any boat, and the territory the boat is docked at will be highlighted.


From the Main Info Page, click the "Exit" button to return to the game.

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