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Lords of Conquest

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Territory Selection

In the lower left hand corner of the screen, the list of player's turns is printed. Turn order proceeds left-to-right, up-to-down. Unselected territories are colored black. To select a territory, click on it. It will turn gray in color. To confirm your selection, click on it a second time. The territory will turn your color. You may notice that the Iron () and Coal () icons show up better without a black background. Try to balance out your resources by claiming one of each resource type. If it is a computer player's turn, it will choose automatically. Territory selection continues until either all the territories are chosen, or there aren't enough unselected territories to make another complete selection cycle. For example, if there are 42 territories and 5 players, each player will have 8 territories, with 2 left unselected.

Turn Order Inversion

After territory selection is complete, and before production begins, the turn order is completely inverted. The player who selected last is at a disadvantageous position, so that player now goes first in the turn order. Whoever was first goes last. Whoever was second goes second-to-last, and so on.

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