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Lords of Conquest

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Lords of Conquest version 2003 is here! To play, click "Play LOC" in the menu to the left. There a couple of bug fixes over Version 2001.

I have added an option for Canadian viewers to donate (the button I had posted before works only for USA viewers).

If you have good quality saved maps that you enjoy playing again and again, please send them to me in an email (address below), and I'll post the best ones (eventually). And as always, thanks for playing!

If you would like to donate, please use one of the Donate buttons below. Please note that the Lords of Conquest Imitator will always be free; donation is strictly voluntary and is not required to play the Lords of Conquest Imitator.


I have had a few emails describing trouble using Internet Explorer with Lords of Conquest. Please make sure that both Java and Javascript are enabled in your browser. The Javascript is necessary only to launch the pop-up window for the game. If that doesn't work, please try using another browser or downloading and installing the Java plugin from Sun.

Welcome to the Lords of Conquest page. Lords of Conquest was an old computer game from the late 1980s that is still played today. It was originally developed by Eon Software and published by Electronic Arts. This site contains the Lords of Conquest Imitator applet. It brings the game out of the 1980s, the days of CGA displays, 286s and Apple IIEs, and into the 1990s, the days of the Internet and Java (just in time for the 2000s!).

Lords of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game where multiple players (or just yourself) can play against other players or the computer players. Players choose territories, extract resources, develop things like weapons and cities, and attempt to take over other player's territories.

This game has plenty of improvements over the old version:

  • Up to 7 players, instead of just 3 (or 4 on some versions).
  • Multiple AI players that can participate in Trading.
  • A better AI (in some people's opinions!).
  • Better graphics, including transparent .gifs.
  • A Graphical User Interface (GUI) which includes command buttons, pull-downs, and radio buttons.
Of course, to be fair, when the original game was developed, a lot of the above stuff was simply not possible yet!

The Lords of Conquest applet was compiled with JDK 1.1.6. It works on Firefox 3.x and Internet Explorer 7, at least on Windows machines (I've tested on my own machine, which has Windows XP). The applet should load on any browser that has Java and Javascript turned on, plus the Java plugin installed.

Who did this?

My name is Randy Gettman. I decided to bring this game into the '90s to make some improvements on the game, including being able to play the game on any Java-enabled browser. I do not own the copyright to the game. I simply imitated the game's functionality. Plus, I wanted the game to be easy-access and free forever.

The most important reason this game is here is for people like you to enjoy it!

Questions? E-mail me at