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This page deals with potential problems you may have while loading and running Lords of Conquest. It may answer a question you might have about why the game might not be functioning properly (or at all).

Why does the game take forever to load? Why do I only get a blank screen?

It seems that Lords of Conquest has trouble running on some Internet Explorer browsers. Please try downloading and installing the Java Plugin from Sun.

Where are the "Back" and "Next" buttons?

Sometimes, it looks like the game loads properly, but there are no "Back" or "Next" buttons in the lower left-hand corner. I must admit that Lords of Conquest is a memory hog. I believe it might be a memory issue. I recommend closing all other unnecessary applications before loading up the game.

Why does the computer player seem to take forever to make a move in Conquest? Did the game freeze?

Occasionally, it will seem like the computer player is taking forever to make a move. If everything was working perfectly, it should not take it more than 10-15 seconds for it to make a move. If it is taking longer, then the game most likely did freeze. And sorry, there is no way to recover the game state. Hopefully I will be able to solve this bug in version 2001.


This bug was solved in version 2001. If anyone still sees this bug, please contact me.

Two computer players are trading the same items back and forth, and back and forth, forever. How do I stop this?

There is a bug in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that occasionally lets the computer players think that trading the same items back and forth will help them each time. Unfortunately, they will never stop until the game is killed. I plan to get to the bottom of this bug too, in version 2001. At the very least, I will not allow anyone to propose or accept the same trade more than 3 times in the same year.


This bug was not resolved in version 2001. However, I believe that I have resolved this bug in version 2003.

Why did the game skip production? It didn't give a "reason" or anything. It just went from selection directly to trade.

Although I have not seen this bug myself, I suspect that it is another side effect of being a memory hog. Like the above bug in which the "Back" and "Next" buttons disappear, I recommend closing all unnecessary applications before loading the game.

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